05 April – Suspension vessel

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A new crew transfer vessel with a unique suspension system, developed by Wallaby Boats GmbH in collaboration with Hitzler Werft GmbH and based on Nauti-Craft technology, has been launched. This innovative vessel, designed to significantly improve comfort and safety during transit and technician transfers in offshore operations, features a hydraulic suspension system that stabilizes the deck by compensating for wave motion. This advancement reduces seasickness and enhances transfer safety. The vessel, set to be tested in Baltic Sea wind farms by EnBW Erneuerbare Operation & Service GmbH, also incorporates environmental efficiencies like waste heat recovery and optional photovoltaic elements. Lloyds Register classifies the vessel, which relies on local suppliers for components such as hydraulics and electrics, marking a significant step in the technology’s development from TRL 5 to TRL 7. Future models promise further innovations and a range of sizes for various applications.

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