14 June – Quest

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The wreck of Quest, the last ship belonging to Sir Ernest Shackleton, the famed Irish explorer of Antarctica, has been found off the coast of Labrador by an international team led by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.  Expedition leader John Geiger, the society’s CEO, said the wreck was found in the Labrador Sea, lying at a depth of 390 metres. He added it was in the vicinity of where the ship had been reported to have sunk, but took about 17 hours to pinpoint.

Shackleton suffered a fatal heart attack on board on 5 January 1922 during his fourth Antarctic expedition, called the Shackleton-Rowett Antarctic Expedition, which had the goal of circumnavigating the continent. The Quest, a schooner-rigged steamship, remained in service for decades afterward, including as a minesweeper in World War Two and as a sealing vessel. In 1962 it struck ice and sank off Labrador’s coast.

A side-scan sonar image taken on June 9, 2024, shows the wreck of Quest lying upright and intact on the seabed off the coast of Labrador.

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