Rolling Truck Age Program continues to face challenges

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Last Friday, 639 members of the United Truckers Association voted unanimously in favour of labour action against the Port of Vancouver’s updated Rolling Truck Age Program which now restricts the use of trucks over 12 years of age on port property in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Truckers are upset about the program, which is set to begin on Sept. 15 and will affect about 20 percent of the 1,800 trucks that haul containers to and from the ports in a bid to reduce emissions.  The union has said that under the program 360 drivers will need to buy a new or lightly used truck, which can cost more than $200,000 in today’s market.  80 percent of trucks serving the port tenants are already compliant. The truckers will delay job action for the month of July in a bid to continue negotiations with the port and the federal government, the union said Tuesday morning.

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