17 May – Boreas

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On May 14th, 2024, Van Oord’s new offshore installation vessel was launched in China. MV Boreas is purpose-built to support the transport and installation of offshore wind turbines and is equipped with a dual-fuel engine that can run on methanol. With a length of 175 metres, a crane with a 155–metre-high boom capable of lifting over 3,000 tonnes, and 4 legs each measuring at 126 metres, this vessel will be the largest of its kind. Not only will the MV Boreas provide efficient transportation and installation of offshore wind turbines, but it will significantly reduce the ship’s carbon footprint by over 78%. Furthermore, the ship is equipped with selective catalytic reduction that will reduce harmful nitrogen oxide emissions to a minimum. This major milestone for Van Oord and the shipping industry is expected to be commercially available in 2025.

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