19 April – Seaspan Lions

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Seaspan Energy, a division of Canadian shipowner Seaspan, has recently launched the second of three new LNG bunkering vessels, the Seaspan Lions. These vessels, which include the already launched Seaspan Garibaldi and another soon-to-be-delivered vessel, are designed to provide low-emission fueling options for ships, supporting the maritime industry’s shift towards more sustainable operations. Built by CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering, these 112.8 metres ships are equipped with advanced technology to safely and efficiently conduct ship-to-ship LNG transfers.

The Seaspan Lions and its sister ships are part of Seaspan’s initiative to close the infrastructure gap for LNG fuel in the West Coast of North America, marking a significant step in fostering new markets for cleaner marine fuels. The Seaspan Garibaldi will operate in the Panama region, while the Seaspan Lions will serve ships along the Pacific Northwest, offering a pivotal service to enhance the ecological footprint of maritime transport in the region.

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