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On February 10, the Chamber of Shipping made a submission to the Government of Canada respecting its 2023 Budget. The submission was organized along the theme of supply chain fluidity, resilience and sustainability and made 11 recommendations aimed at addressing the challenges and opportunities facing our members. The recommendations focused on the need for federal investments aimed at:

  • Closing the deficit in trade-enabling transportation infrastructure and ensuring that new and existing infrastructure is climate resilient.
  • Preparing for and managing supply chain disruptions through the development and implementation of risk management and emergency response plans, including enhancing emergency services and infrastructure where needed.
  • Supporting decarbonization efforts through the introduction of a range of tax credits respecting the production, storage, transportation and use of clean hydrogen and its derivatives.
  • Ensuring that west coast ports have adequate reception facilities, which appropriately account for the operational needs of users in terms of waste profiles, so as not to cause undue delays.

The full submission can be viewed at this link. If you have any questions or wish to discuss the submission or its recommendations, please contact Vida Ramin, Senior Director of Policy and External Affairs at vida@cosbc.ca.

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