21 June – Yellowstone

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The Princess of Belgium, Royal Highness Princess Astrid, has officially named DEME’s new fallpipe vessel Yellowstone. According to DEME, this new vessel will be the first in the fleet to be prepared for methanol and the first dual-fuel fallpipe vessel in the industry.

Yellowstone contains a hybrid power plant with a 1MWh Li-ion battery which will significantly boost fuel savings. It is also Tier 3 compliant, which means this vessel adheres to the international regulations set by the IMO to minimize nitrogen oxide emissions. This supports DEME’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

During the summer of 2024, Yellowstone will set sail for the USA to assist in the coastal Virginia offshore wind project. DEME’s goal for this project is to install 176 monopile foundations, three offshore substations, and subsea cables. To help assist with this project, Yellowstone is equipped with a central vertical fallpipe that can operate in water depths of 600-700m and a sizeable inclined fallpipe designed for shallower depths of 30-50m. This configuration allows for precise rock placement near subsea structures such as offshore wind turbine monopiles. With its payload capacity of 37,000 metric tons, Yellowstone is exceptionally well-suited for projects requiring longer distances or transit times.

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