23 February – Signet Sirius

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The Signet Sirius, the inaugural ART 92-32W Rotortug®, has been successfully delivered by Signet Maritime at their Pascagoula Shipbuilding and Repair facility, marking the first such vessel in Signet’s fleet. This advanced tug, designed through a collaboration between Robert Allan Ltd. and RotorTug BV, features the unique triple Z-drive Rotortug® propulsion system, offering unparalleled omnidirectional maneuverability and redundancy. This design enhances ship-handling, terminal support, and escort towing capabilities, while significantly improving safety for the crew. With a length of 103 feet, a beam of 45.5 feet, a depth of 15.58 feet, and a maximum draft of 21.5 feet, the tug is powered by three engines, producing a total of 7,725 hp and can achieve a bollard pull of 92 metric tons.

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