28 June – The Wim Wolff

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NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research had an exciting past week as its new research vessel, The Wim Wolff, went on its first expedition. This new vessel is equipped with state-of-the-art research facilities, including an onboard wet and dry lab and room for two customized lab containers on the working deck. The Wim Wolff is a spacious research vehicle with room for 12 passengers and a permanent crew of 4. With a shallow draft of 1 meter, this vessel is uniquely designed for overnight voyages and, specifically, for research in the Wadden Sea, the Zeeland Delta, or the coastal zone.

For its first voyage, the Wim Wolff took part in the yearly fieldwork expedition for NIOZ’s SIBES (Synoptic Intertidal Benthic Survey) project. SIBES is a systematic long-term ecological monitoring project for organisms that live in or on intertidal mudflats, also referred to as benthos. This innovative vessel will greatly assist NIOZ in gathering essential data.

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