8 December – K.J. Gardner

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The Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) is temporarily docking its newest oil response vessel, the largest in Canada, at Ogden Point before stationing it in Beecher Bay. The K.J. Gardner is named after its current President, Kevin Gardner, who has been at the helm of the organization since 2001 and has led the largest expansion of oil spill response capacity ever seen in Canada.  Throughout his work, Kevin has conducted himself with the values of collaboration, leadership, service, and building and sharing knowledge. He has created meaningful avenues for communities to contribute traditional and local knowledge and build upon local preparedness capacity through training and resources provided by WCMRC. A recipient of this year’s Oil Spill Task Force Legacy Award, presented by the Pacific States – British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force, Kevin is set to retire at the end of the year so we are pleased to see that his legacy will continue on the water.

The response vessel K.J. Gardner is a 244-foot vessel that will help fill a gap in oil spill response support in the area, committing to a maximum six-hour response in shipping lanes, down from a previous 72-hour window. WCMRC is partnering with the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to provide safety support for oil transportation over the Salish Sea.

The vessel, originally designed for offshore oil platforms, has been outfitted with spill response equipment and can hold and transport one million litres of oil gathered. WCMRC further stated that they spent ~$6 million on new equipment and ~$400,000 on installation costs to prepare the vessel for response capabilities.

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