CBSA clarifies quarantine requirements for essential workers

CBSA’s daily bulletin today clarifies Canada’s position on quarantines for essential marine transportation workers. “Asymptomatic persons in the trade and transportation sector who are important for the movement of goods and people, including truck drivers and crew on any plane, train, or marine vessel, and that cross the border are exempt from the 14 days […]

This Friday – Give a Hoot!

This Friday at 7:00 pm, ships all along the coast of British Columbia will sound their horns in solidarity with the movement to thank health care workers in the province who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their continued effort, dedication, and selflessness is truly remarkable. This audible celebration of health care […]

Marine industry calls for protection of maritime workers during COVID-19 crisis

Canada’s marine shipping industry is joining a worldwide call for the G20 and the UN to support maritime workers. The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH) have issued an open letter calling on world leaders to act quickly to protect global supply chains from the impact of […]

Green Marine releases new ship recycling environmental performance indicators

Green Marine has introduced a performance indicator for responsible ship recycling to their program. The new indicator is the result of 18 months of collaboration among the industry, environmental organizations, the scientific community and government representatives. The indicator is divided into two parts: the first set of criteria calls upon Green Marine’s participating vessel owners […]

BC Government Identifies Essential Services

Using the extraordinary powers under the Emergency Program Act, the Government of BC has issued a series of ministerial orders to ensure a co-ordinated response to COVID-19 across all levels of government for the duration of the provincial emergency. This includes establishing a new Provincial Supply Chain Coordination Unit to co-ordinate goods and services distribution […]

The COVID-19 Emergency Response Act Receives Royal Assent

Earlier this week, Bill C-13, the COVID-19 Emergency Response Act, received Royal Assent, guaranteeing the rapid implementation and administration of measures to protect Canadians’ health and safety and stabilize the Canadian economy. The plan provides direct support to Canadian workers and businesses, plus $55 billion through tax deferrals. This legislation provides assistance to struggling families, pauses student […]

Pacific Pilotage Authority suspends out of district assignments

The Pacific Pilotage Authority has issued a Memo to Industry advising of a temporary suspension to Out of District Assignments due to concerns with COVID-19. Vessels transiting between Puget Sound and the British Columbia south coast ports will be required to board or disembark BC Coast Pilots at the Brotchie pilot station.

ICTSI Portland rejects $19 million award against ILWU

ICTSI Portland on Friday declined to accept a judge’s reduced award of $19 million for damages to be paid by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) for ILWU work stoppages and slowdowns from 2012 to 2017, so now a new trial will be held. On March 5th, a Judge reduced the amount from $93.6 […]