Policy Positions

The Chamber of Shipping Board of Directors adopts policy positions to help guide the development of reasonable policies that support a safe, efficient, and competitive operating marine environment that serves the interests of Canadian producers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers while balancing the concerns raised by communities, Indigenous groups, and environmental organizations.



Our campaigns represent the big projects that we are actively focusing on today – the things with many moving pieces where we are seeking to engage, educate, advise.



As a body that represents a majority of the ocean carriers engaged in Canada’s Asia Pacific trade, we provide a credible and experienced voice for industry when engaging with the federal government, Indigenous groups and communities in the development of policies and operational measures.  Our formal submissions can be found here.


Speeches + Presentations

In addition to the advocacy work for the Chamber of Shipping members, the secretariat supports a number of other activities for other entities within the port community.

The Chamber of Shipping is agent of trust for both the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority and the Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) and facilitates the issuance of port passes and the registration of vessels for initial spill response coverage with WCMRC respectively.