Allianz report highlights concerns re cargo fires

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The maritime industry’s most anticipated annual report on incidents and casualties, Allianz’s Safety & Shipping Review 2022, is out with a special supplemental section dedicated to the Ukraine war.  The report identifies cargo fires as a priority concern. There have been over 70 reported fires on container ships alone in the past five years, the report notes. Fires often start in containers, which can be the result of non-/mis-declaration of hazardous cargo, such as chemicals and batteries – around 5% of containers shipped may consist of undeclared dangerous goods. Fires on large vessels can spread quickly and be difficult to control, often resulting in the crew abandoning ship, which can significantly increase the final cost of an incident. Fires have also become a major loss driver for car carriers as well, and sustainability concerns driving up costs of salvage and wreck removal. When large vessels get into trouble, emergency response and finding a port of refuge can be challenging. Specialist salvage equipment, tugs, cranes, barges and port infrastructure are required, which adds time and cost to a response.

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