August 28 – Skibladner

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The Skibladner is a 164-Year-Old Norwegian Paddle Steamer one of the most unique vessels in the world. Launched in 1856, she is the world’s oldest paddle steamer still in regular operations and a Norwegian landmark. Originally, the vessel acted as a connection with the rail line. transporting passengers and freight to communities around Lake Mjøsa. Rebuilt and lengthened in 1888 to her current 165 feet, she is powered by a triple expansion double-active steam engine that provides over 600 b.h.p. to turn her 16-foot paddle. She operates at speeds up to 14 knots. Today, the vessels passenger and topside areas have been faithfully restored to their 1888 appearance creating an authentic 19th-century steamship experience. During the summers she operates tourist excursions following her same route across Lake Mjøsa and in the winters is carefully stored in a specially constructed glass house.

  • Built: 1856
  • Length: 165 feet
  • Beam: 16’ 7”
  • Max speed: 14 knots at 44 revolutions per minute
  • Maximum number of passengers: 230

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