Birth of calf draws 3 SRKW pods to Haro Strait

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Three orca pods gathered in the waters off Vancouver Island on Wednesday to celebrate the birth of a new southern resident killer whale (SRKW) calf. Members of the J pod, K pod and L pod were in the waters of the Haro Strait for the calf which marks the fourth calf for 30-year-old L86. The calf, now dubbed L125, is estimated to be between one to one-and-a-half months old, based on its size and the fetal folds still visible in pictures of the animal. This calf is the fourth calf born within the last two years for this endangered species.  It is unusual and exciting for the separate pods of the endangered species to gather in one area, and it is rare for southern resident killer whales to be in this region at all during the winter season. The Center for Whale Research is now monitoring the orcas in the area, and is interested in seeing if the three pods stick together or separate in the near future.

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