Marine Industry Updates on COVID-19

COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) is presenting significant challenges around the world and preventative measures are evolving rapidly as all levels of government are making a concerted effort to contain the spread of this pandemic in order to protect those at risk and the Canadian health care system. Some difficult and unprecedented decisions have been made and even more are expected to follow in the coming days. The information provided below is meant to provide guidance to those involved with the local marine industry. All efforts are being made to ensure the safety of Canadian workers and the visiting crew on board the vessels to support continuity of trade and commerce.
The most recent

Publications & Resources

International Maritime Organization

May-5 Recommended Framework of Protocols for Ensuring Safe Ship Crew and Travel during COVID-19 Pandemic

Chamber of Shipping

Mar 22 – Immunization Information for Seafarers in BC
Sept-17 Guidelines for Effecting Safe Shore Leave for Seafarers
May-11 Guidelines for Effecting Essential Crew Exchanges
Mar-23 ICS & IAPH call for G20 to Support Maritime Sector
Mar-20 ICS & ITF Keeping Global Maritime Trade Moving Letter
Mar-13 COS Circular to Members 020-028
Mar-3 International Chamber of Shipping Coronavirus Guidelines


Province of British Columbia

BC’s Restart Plan
Register a Self-Isolation Plan
Mar-26 List of Essential Services

Government of Canada 

Testing Requirements for Air Travellers effective from January 7, 2021
Revised Entry Procedures for obtaining Visas and ETAs for Crew Changes
Public Safety – Guidance on Essential Workers and Functions
Transport Canada COVID-19 Website
Public Health Agency COVID-19 Website
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
Infographic -Keeping you safe at work

Canada Border Services Agency 

Travellers Contact Information Form (22 July 2021)
COVID-19 Health Screening Questionnaire (May 2021)
Jan-20 Updated Information Sheet for Commercial Marine Industry
West Coast Marine Health Screening Questionnaire
Oct-7 Updated Enhanced Border Measures for Marine Mode
Sept-24 FAQ Interim Commercial Marine Processing West Coast
Jun-30 Enhanced Border Measures for Marine Mode
Apr-15 CBSA Daily Bulletin – Mandatory Masks for Travellers
Apr-2 CBSA Daily Bulletin – Mandatory Self-Isolation
Mar-26 CBSA President Statement on Travel Restrictions
Mar-18 CBSA Commercial Update to Industry Stakeholders
Jan-26 CBSA Shift Briefing Bulletin

Pacific Pilotage Authority

Mar-30 Notice to Industry re Transportation and Logistics Measures during COVID-19
Mar-23 Notice to Industry re Out of District Assignments
Mar-18 Pacific Pilotage Authority Updated Notice to Industry on Ship Sanitary Requirements

Transport Canada

Apr 1 – Information Sheet re Vaccination and Testing requirements effective April 1, 2022
Apr 1 – SSB 18/2021 – Measure to Support Safe Cruise Travel
Apr 1 – SSB 17/2021 – Measures for Persons on Canadian Vessels and Foreign Passenger Vessels 
Mar 3 – Ship Safety Bulletin 06/22 – Update on Mobility of Asymptomatic Workers
Jan 15 – Ship Safety Bulletin 02/22- Update on Mobility of Asymptomatic Workers
Nov 30 – Ship Safety Bulletin 16/2021 – Update on Mobility of Asymptomatic Workers (Omicron)
Oct 31 – Ship Safety Bulletin 16/2021 – Update on Mobility of Asymptomatic Workers
Jul 28 – Ship Safety Bulletin 11/2021 – Update on Mobility of Asymptomatic Workers
Mar 31 – Marine Security Notification – COVID-19 Notification Procedures
Mar 4 – Ship Safety Bulletin – Updated Guidance for Crew and Non-Crew Entry
Jan 14 – Ship Safety Bulletin – Crew Changes and Port State Control
Dec-25 Ship Safety Bulletin – Mobility of Asymptomatic Workers in Marine Sector
Jun-30 Ship Safety Bulletin – Mobility of Asymptomatic Workers in Marine Sector (replaced on Dec. 25)
Jun-30 Ship Safety Bulletin – Mitigate Spread of COVID19 on Passenger Vessels and Ferries
Jun-4 Ship Safety Bulletin – Non-Medical Masks for Marine Transportation Sector
May-7 Marine Security Operations Bulletin on TSC and Restricted Areas
May-7 Information Bulletin Extending Marine Security Clearances
Apr-20 Minister’s Interim Order (#2) Respecting Passenger Vessel Restrictions
Apr-17 Transport Canada requires non-medical masks for travellers
Apr-10 Special Marine Security Notification 2020-007
Apr-7 Marine Security Operations Bulletin – MTSC Extension
Apr-7 TC Information Bulletin – Security Screening Program
Apr-7 Marine Transportation Security Act Exemption re Ports and Facilities
Apr-7 Marine Transportation Security Act Exemption re MTSC Extension
Apr-4 Guidance for Passenger Vessels and Ferry Operators 
Apr-4 TC Ship Safety Bulletin 10-2020 Measures for Ferries and Commercial Passenger Vessels
Apr-4 Minister’s Interim Order Respecting Passenger Vessel Restrictions
Apr-3 TC Ship Safety Bulletin 09-2020 Mobility of Asymptomatic Marine Workers
Mar-27 Transport Canada – TDGA Temporary Certificate
Mar-27 Transport Canada Marine Security Notification Update 2020-006
Mar-27 Transport Canada Task Hazard Analysis
Mar-24 TC Ship Safety Bulletin 08-2020 Marine Counter Service
Mar-19 TC Ship Safety Bulletin 05-2020 Cruise Season Deferred
Mar-16 Transport Canada Ship Safety Bulletin 03-2020 Extending Marine Personnel Certificates
Mar-15 Public Service Occupational Health Advisory COVID-19
Jan-27 Transport Canada Maritime Security Notification 2020-003


May-12 BCMEA COVID-19 Waterfront Industry Protocols
Mar-16 BCMEA COVID-19 Update #6
Mar-16 BCMEA Poster
Mar-13 Joint Statement by BCMEA and ILWU
Mar-12 BCMEA COVID-19 Update#5


Mar-18 Prince Rupert Port Authority Update
Mar-16 Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Update


Mar-20 BC Coast Pilots COVID-19 Protocol
Mar-20 Tymac Launch Exposure Control, Launch Sanitizing Policy and Procedures

US Notices

May-5 USCG Marine Safety Info Bulletin – Vessel Reporting and Control Actions
Apr-17 USCG Marine Safety Info Bulletin – Port and Facility Ops (Change 1)
Mar-27 USCG Master Attestation Letter re COVID-19
Mar-27 USCG Essential Maritime Critical Infrastructure Workers
Mar-26 USCG Marine Safety Info Bulletin – Vessel Inspections,Exams, and Documentation
Mar-18 USCG Marine Safety Info Bulletin – COVID-19 Port and Facility Operations
Mar-16 USCG Marine Safety Info Bulletin 02-20 (Change 3)
Mar-13 USCG Marine Safety Info Bulletin 06-20 Vessel Reporting for Illnesses
Mar-12 Notice from Washington State Board of Pilotage Commission
Mar-9 US Coast Guard Marine Safety Information Bulletin 02-20