The Chamber joins the Minister’s Blue Economy Round Table

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This week, the Chamber’s President participated in a Round Table hosted by Minister Bernadette Jordan of the Department of Fisheries, Oceans, and the Canadian Coast Guard. The meeting brought together International and Canadian experts on marine spatial planning, which is expected to be an important component of the developing Blue Economy Strategy.  Robert Lewis-Manning expressed the importance of reviewing the current governance associated with managing shipping in Canada, as the coordination between numerous Federal departments and agencies has become inefficient and onerous. Many of the delegates expressed a need for transparency and for strong scientific data. In the context of Western Canada, there was also a discussion about the need to address reconciliation agreements with coastal First Nations so that there could be a productive involvement of First Nations. The Blue Economy Strategy is focused on protecting Canada’s important coastal waters and leveraging their prosperity in a sustainable manner. It is expected to be a key pillar of the Government’s strategy post-pandemic.

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