Canada becomes 3rd largest importer of U.S. grain

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Canada experienced a significant increase in imports of U.S. grain in the 2021-22 marketing campaign, driven largely by the western Canadian drought. Canada imported 13.33 million tonnes of U.S. grain, valued at $6 billion, making it the third-largest importer behind Mexico and China. The import figures include U.S. grain used in products like ethanol, pork, poultry, and beef. Corn was the top revenue generator, followed by ethanol and pork. Although Canadian purchases of U.S. grains have decreased by 29% in the first eight months of the 2022-23 marketing campaign due to improved Canadian harvests, the numbers remain relatively high. Ethanol imports from the U.S. have increased by 30%, while imports of other products, except for barley, have slightly decreased. The Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement has played a role in facilitating trade between the two countries.

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