Canpotex’s Portland terminal shuttered

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The potash terminal at the Port of Portland experienced a significant equipment failure when a section of the conveyor system’s catwalk collapsed onto the berth’s deck. This has disrupted the world market for potash, a crucial mineral used in agricultural fertilizer production. The Port of Portland’s potash exports far exceed its grain shipments. The potash arrives by train from a mine in Saskatchewan operated by Canpotex. Last year, nearly 6 million tons of potash were loaded for export at Terminal 5. The disruption in supply adds to the challenges in the global potash market, as production from other major players like Russia and Belarus has significantly decreased due to economic sanctions. Canpotex plans to redirect exports to other North American ports while repairs are made to the conveyor system. Fortunately, the port is not financially responsible for the repairs or lost shipping volumes due to its contract with Canpotex.

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