Thefts of cargo containers on the rise

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In Delta, BC a theft at a warehouse on Annacis Island saw 150 Biktrix e-bikes, valued at approximately $500,000, stolen. The incident occurred early Tuesday morning when a semi-tractor, identified as a white Freightliner with “Ryder” on its doors, was used by two suspects to haul away a trailer containing the e-bikes. Despite the trailer being recovered empty in the Township of Langley three days later, the bikes remain missing.  In Toronto, a joint investigation called Project Big Rig, recently arrested 15 suspects and recovered 28 trailers stocked with $7 million worth of items ranging from chicken to televisions to Sleeman beer. The number of cargo thefts — when goods are stolen during transportation — rose 59 percent in Canada and the United States last year, according to data analytics firm Verisk’s CargoNet. The 2,852 incidents followed a 15 percent jump in 2022 and a 20 percent increase in 2021. The spike in freight crime comes in lockstep with a ramp-up of more sophisticated, digitally savvy tactics that revolve around identity theft and drain the economy of millions of dollars, as the higher cost of living drives demand for stolen products.

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