CBSA issues Quarantine Filing Requirements for Crew

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Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has advised that all travellers entering Canada are subject to mandatory quarantine or isolation, and exempt persons are required to provide their contact information. Exempt travellers are only required to provide their contact information to allow persons to be contacted during the 14-day period that begins on the day on which they enter Canada. Exempt persons, refers to someone who falls under one of the classes of persons listed in section 6 of Order in Council OIC 2020-0524 and is entering Canada, or returning to Canada, for that purpose. Crew arriving into Canada aboard commercial marine qualify as exempt travellers. To facilitate compliance with the collection of contact information CBSA is requesting that industry agents inform all crew to utilize the publicly available ArriveCAN app where possible when taking shore leave or when repatriating from a vessel.  The Master of the Vessel will be expected to include an attestation on behalf of all persons aboard the vessel, that the phone number and email addresses of each crew member are available upon request, as part of the Pre-Arrival Notice that is submitted to the CBSA.

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