CBSA Revised Screening Procedures

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the requirements under the Quarantine Act, the Canada Border Services Agency’s Pacific Region has made changes to the reporting process for commercial vessels.  The modified process takes effect immediately. Changes include:

  • Pre-arrival information is submitted as per normal procedures (no change).
  • The Pacific Region Operations Communication Centre (PROCC) the main point of contact for vessel agents, captains, and/or vessel operators to ensure the health and safety of travellers as well as facilitate the movement of goods.
  • All persons on board are subject to health screening under the Quarantine Act.  At first port of arrival, the vessel agent or captain/vessel operator MUST submit the pre-arrival information and the mandatory traveller health screening form (attached) for ALL persons on board. This paperwork must be submitted to or reported in by telephone at 604-713-9840 or 604-713-9810 regardless of the time of day.

Questions can be directed to  or by telephone at 604-713-9840 or 604-713-9810.

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