CBSA seizes opium packages at TCEF

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Earlier this year Canada Border Services Agency and the RCMP’s Federal Serious & Organized Crime (FSOC) unit discovered and seized 2,500 individual packages of suspected opium, totaling 1,000 kilograms.  In early February after several months of investigation, officers executed search warrants on two containers at the Tsawwassen container exam facility to locate a shipment of drugs from overseas.  Once found, the packages were replaced with a placebo to allow the investigation to continue and for the shipment to be tracked to the intended warehouse in Surrey.  Five men were arrested, one from BC and four from Ontario.  In unrelated seizure, a Laval resident pleaded guilty to being in possession of more than 60 kilograms of brown sugar that police had swapped in place of 64 kilograms of cocaine in March 2019.  This shipment also discovered by CBSA in plastic drawers stacked on 22 pallets at the Port of Montreal’s container exam facility.

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