Chamber of Marine Commerce seeks green corridor

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The Chamber of Marine Commerce (CMC) is calling for the establishment of a green shipping corridor in the Great Lakes­–St. Lawrence region as the centrepiece of its 2023 wish list for legislators and policymakers. The green corridor would involve Canada and US partnerships between governments and various industry players, including ports, cargo shippers and ship operators, to create a regulatory and investment environment that would enable the industry to achieve its 2050 net zero goals by adopting greener approaches to shipping.

The Government of Ontario has committed to developing a Marine Transportation Strategy with the aim of creating jobs, increasing trade, and reducing congestion. CMC recommended actions to improve the domestic supply chain, including managing water levels to ensure safe navigation on the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway System, reforming pilotage to account for current technology and increase efficiency, and increasing public investment in port and waterway infrastructure.

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