China ends ban on Canadian canola

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China ended a three-year ban on Canadian canola and the Government of Canada issued a statement welcoming the decision to remove restrictions and reinstate the two companies affected by the ban. In March 2019, China suspended two Canadian companies, alleging the detection of quarantine pests in canola shipments.  The timing of the decision likely coincides wth extreme shortages for cooking oils.

Indonesia, the world’s top palm oil exporter, banned exports last month, though the country signalled on May 19 that it will ease the ban toward the end of the month. On top of the issues in palm oil supply, the war in Ukraine has squelched access to the region’s crucial source of sunflower oil. Meanwhile, canola oil supply is tight due to last summer’s drought on the Prairies, which choked Canada’s canola production. A drought in South America is doing the same to soy.

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