CN operations return to near normal

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CN operations in British Columbia have nearly returned to normal after disruptions from Nov. 14 to Dec. 3 caused by flooding and washouts, the railroad reported on Tuesday, even as repairs continue around the clock. A 150-mile stretch on the railroad’s line between Vancouver and Kamloops, B.C., experienced 58 outages from flood damage. More than 400 employees and contract workers and more than 110 pieces of heavy equipment worked 24 hours a day to restore the line. The effort required moving more than 282,000 cubic yards of rock, earth, and backfill materials. The recovery efforts and the quick restoration of service for both CN and CP has been truly amazing and the Global News footage of the damage sustained by CN clearly shows that this was not an easy task.  We applaud the great collarboration and the demanding efforts that made this possible by all.

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