CN Releases 2022-23 Grain Plan

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CN Rail has released its highly anticipated 2022-23 Grain Plan as required under the Canadian Transportation Modernization Act. CN expects the movement of Western Canadian grain via carload on CN in 2022–23 to rebound to 24.5–27.0 million metric tons (MMT), with grain shipped via container direct from Western Canada in addition to these volumes. The Plan sets out the specific steps that CN is taking to ensure it can meet the forecast demand from the grain sector in the new crop year. For example, the Plan provides details on workforce recruitment, adding 57 new high horsepower locomotives and new rolling stock, all to support the delivery of grain and other commodities. Faced with growing demands from all sectors, the Plan also calls for greater balance across all rail corridors to reach the upper end of the maximum sustainable supply chain capacity range. “Intense pressure” is expected this crop year, especially with respect to rail movement to Canada’s West Coast ports and total demand for rail capacity between Edmonton and the ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert will exceed network capacity during some weeks in the fall of 2022 and in early 2023.

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