Daphne Technology introduces new EGCS solution

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As ship owners and operators face challenges with the use of open loop scrubbers, Daphne Technology is preparing for new expectations around exhaust gas cleaning systems’ capacity ahead of potential MARPOL Annex VI revisions, as well as further impending emissions challenges that the IMO’s climate change strategy will inevitably bring.

Daphne Technology has introduced SulPure,  the world’s first all-in-one, ready to install solution that removes SOx and NOx pollutants simultaneously from large ocean-going vessels’ engines exhaust gas, with no water or wastewater discharge. The system purifies exhaust gas by breaking down the pollution molecules in an electron chamber, which uses patented technology to simultaneously eliminate SOx by up to 99.3% m/m and NOx by 85% m/m from the exhaust gas. This is then followed by an injection of urea (or an alternative agent) into the exhaust gas to neutralize acidic gases forming solid particles, which can then be recovered and optionally sold as fertilizer. By transforming the pollutants into a market-ready fertilizer, this unique agricultural production method significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.  The first installations of SulPure are set to be completed in 2021, which will take no longer than one week and will not require the vessels to be dry-docked.


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