Will the Ever Given give soon?

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Up to 20,000 cubic meters of sand in the Suez Canal needs to be removed to free the 20,000 TEU Ever Given that has been stuck there since Tuesday when 40-knot winds and a sandstorm creating low visibility and poor navigation caused the ship to run aground.  Canal authorities are hoping that Saturday’s high tide might help dislodge the vessel, but failing this, efforts underway may take a few more weeks.  Each day that passes comes at a high cost to companies and countries whose trade has been held up by the gridlock. About 12% of the world trade volume passes through the Suez Canal, and it usually handles about $10 billion a day in cargo. Over 200 ships carrying vital fuel and cargo have been in the queue and some are now weighing the decision to wait or incur an extra 3,800 miles and up to 12 days extra sailing time to divert around Cape Horn.  The International Chamber of Shipping has issued security guidance for vessels diverting around Cape Horn.

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