Feb. 10 – San Marco

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An Italian navy vessel and two more from Spain has set sail for Turkey to assist the disaster relief effort. Italian Navy’s San Marco Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD) vessel is joined by the Spanish frigate Blas de Lezo and logistics support ship Cantabria.

The Italian ship can carry a battalion of troops and up to 36 armored vehicles. The stern floodable dock can accommodate three landing craft. It can provide large logistical support and play a role in disaster relief operations. The naval unit, made available by the Defense Ministry, in addition to the field hospital, will transport other goods and instruments collected in these hours also through donations from private individuals and associations to be allocated to the populations hard hit by the earthquake.

In addition to the ship’s crew, 24 military and 12 Army vehicles are also on board for the transport of Civil Protection containers.


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