Fuel removal completed for the MV Shiedyk

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The response effort to remove approximately 60 tonnes of heavy fuel oil and diesel from the MV Schiedyk, a historic shipwreck from 1968 in the area of Nootka Sound has been successful.  Jointly managed by the Canadian Coast Guard, BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy and the Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nation, the operation was conducted by Resolve Marine Group and supported by Western Canada Marine Response Corporation and other contractors, including the Canadian-registered Atlantic Condor vessel, which acted as the operations platform on the water. Remotely operated vehicles drilled holes into the vessel’s four fuel tanks and secured a drainage valve with a hose attached for pumping operations. To remove the heavy fuel oil, hot water was injected into the tanks to liquefy the oil within. The oil and water mixture was then pumped to the surface through the hoses and onboard the Atlantic Condor, where the oil and water were separated. The tanks onboard the MV Schiedyk were then flushed until fuel was no longer detected.

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