GCT’s alternative proposal to Roberts Bank T2 progresses

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Global Container Terminal’s alternative to the Port of Vancouver’s (VFPA) Roberts Bank Terminal 2 is advancing to the next stage as GCT has been asked to respond to Indigenous concerns about shipping effects on fishing and harvesting among other issues. The federal government is on the verge of making a decision on Terminal 2 which is a three-berth container terminal on a new man-made island adjacent to Deltaport operated by GCT.  After receiving feedback on GCT’s initial project description, including comments from Indigenous groups and the City of Delta, the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada and the BC Environmental Assessment Office prepared a joint Summary of Issues. GCT has one year to complete a Detailed Project Description which responds to the issues and concerns identified in the Summary of Issues report. The government agencies will determine whether to proceed to an environmental assessment after reviewing GCT’s responses.

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