Grain Growers of Canada urge railways to resolve differences

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Grain Growers of Canada is raising concerns about the potential repercussions of a possible strike by railway workers at Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Kansas City, scheduled as early as May 22. With over 95% of workers favoring a strike, the agricultural sector faces significant threats due to its heavy reliance on rail transport for both receiving crop inputs and shipping grain for export. The timing is particularly sensitive as it coincides with the crucial seeding season. A disruption could lead to massive economic losses, with grain elevators unable to accept new shipments, causing delayed farmer payments and broader trade issues. In June 2023, Canada exported over 2.6 million tonnes of grain, highlighting the high stakes involved, as a strike during this peak period could result in daily losses of approximately $35 million. The organization urges both the unions and railway companies to consider the extensive impact of their negotiations on the national economy and particularly on the agricultural sector.

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