HaiSea Wamis receives Underwater Noise Notation

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HaiSea Marine’s fully electric tugboat, the HaiSea Wamis, is now the first tugboat to receive an Underwater Noise Notation from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), validating HaiSea’s mission of operating one of the greenest tugboat fleets in the world. The HaiSea Wamis performed sea trials up and down Indian Arm last fall to put its ultra-low underwater noise to the test. Data was measured over a two-day period from underwater hydrophones to prove the Wamis could perform under established benchmarks for noise. The results gained the HaiSea Wamis its Underwater Noise Notation (UWN) from ABS – a nod to the extra efforts that went into its design by Vancouver-based naval architect company, Robert Allan Ltd, on the Wamis’s electric propulsion system which considerably reduces noise and vibrations.

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