ICS issues Red Sea Security Transit Advisory

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The International Chamber of Shipping confirmed that US and UK military forces struck Houthi military targets ashore in Yemen t at 23.30 UTC on 11 January 2024, in response to ongoing attacks against merchant shipping in the Southern Red Sea. Consequently, US Naval Forces Central Command Bahrain (NAVCENT) has advised shipping that there is a high degree of threat/risk to transits through the Red Sea, specifically in the areas from 12 to 16 degrees North and West of 46 degrees East in the Southern Red Sea and Bab al Mandab Strait, and therefore vessels should take an operational pause for at least the next 48-72 hours. It is further advised that ships that do continue to transit with AIS turned off should provide position reports to NAVCENT every 2-3 hours. The threat level is severe for vessels specifically linked to Israel, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries involved in the direct military strikes, including Canada.

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