COS Weekly Newsletter - Friday, 3 November 2023

COS Weekly Newsletter - Friday, 3 November 2023

COS Weekly Newsletter - Friday, 3 November 2023

COS Updates 

Reminder to VFPA Port Pass holders

In accordance with the conditions of issue in Vancouver Fraser Port Authority's Port Pass Modernization Program, we are reminding companies that Port Pass holders that no longer work with the company registered on their pass, or no longer require a Port Pass, to please return the physical card to the issuing office. For those who have left their company but did not return the pass, please send an email to advising of the name and/or Port Pass number so these cards be de-activated and we can prevent misuse of these credentials. For Port Passess issued by the Chamber of Shipping, we can companies with a list of pass holders issued under their name upon request.

West Coast News

BCMEA Negotiation Update

Bargaining between the BC Maritime Employers Association (BCMEA) and the International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 514 to renew the collective agreement continues. Four sessions were conducted in October and more meetings have been scheduled throughout November. Further negotiation updates are available on the BCMEA website.

Canadian News

Port of Montreal labour talks head to mediation at longshore union’s request

Negotiations for a new contract at the Port of Montreal stalled as the longshore union requested the Canadian government's intervention early in the talks with maritime employers. The move to mediation raised concerns about declining shipper confidence in using the port. The Maritime Employers Association (MEA) initiated talks on September 13 with Local 375 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) for a new four-year collective bargaining agreement. However, the union swiftly sought the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service's help just a day after the demands were exchanged. Montreal's dockworkers currently operate under an interim deal since their previous contract lapsed in 2018. There’s a possibility of another strike in January 2024, which is concerning given that the previous strike, in 2020, caused significant economic losses. Sources revealed that the union is seeking a 20 percent wage increase over four years and improved job security for workers. The MEA celebrated a recent arbitration victory, citing the need for fairer practices in designating eligible longshore workers. Nonetheless, the ongoing uncertainty and disruptions are anticipated to contribute to a decline in Montreal's containerized cargo volume.

Sanmar Shipyards new emission-free electric tugs undergoing trials

Sanmar Shipyards in Turkey has developed two cutting-edge, emission-free electric tugs, in collaboration with SAAM Towage and naval architects Robert Allan Ltd (RAL). These compact tugs, based on the ElectRA 2300SX design, boast a bollard pull of 70 tonnes and are powered by a 3616 kWh battery. Equipped with Schottel SRP460 LE thrusters and CAT C32 backup generators, the tugs can reduce 2,400 tonnes of greenhouse gases annually. SAAM Towage, a prominent operator in the Americas, plans to incorporate these eco-friendly tugs into its Canadian fleet, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability and carbon footprint reduction. Sanmar's efforts signify a significant leap toward a more environmentally conscious and sustainable maritime industry, aligning with global initiatives for a greener future.

Novarium and the Port of Québec join forces to stimulate innovation

Novarium, an innovation campus focused on the blue economy, has formed a strategic partnership with the Port of Québec. This collaboration will promote innovation, research, and sustainable development in the marine sector, leveraging the unique advantages of the Port of Québec's location. The port offers substantial infrastructure for liquid and solid bulk, serving as a key cruise port on the St. Lawrence and facilitating intermodal connectivity. By facilitating research and development, supporting maritime innovation, and enhancing the region's standing in the blue economy, the partnership aligns with Québec's aspirations for a more sustainable economy. This venture will not only assist startups in addressing the complex challenges facing the Port of Québec but also contribute to its growth, providing a testing ground for innovative blue economy initiatives.

International News

Panama Canal making cuts to booking slots due to worsening drought

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP)  announced a further decrease to daily ship crossings due to an intense drought in the vital trade route. The ACP plans to reduce booking slots through the canal from 31 to 25 per day starting November 3, gradually scaling down to 18 slots by February 1. Water levels in the key Gatun Lake have hit unprecedented lows for this time of year, largely due to the second driest year on record and the impact of the El Nino climate pattern. As a result, the ACP has already imposed passage restrictions, causing substantial delays and a backlog of ships waiting to transit the canal. The delays have had ripple effects on global shipping rates, particularly impacting the transportation of liquefied gas from the United States.

New Wartsila 31DF engine reduces methane emissions

Wartsila has unveiled an ultra-low emissions version of its efficient Wartsila 31DF engine, capable of significantly reducing methane and nitrogen oxide emissions while operating on LNG. Compared to the standard engine, the new version can lower methane emissions by up to 56 percent and nitrogen oxide by up to 86 percent at 50 percent load. This technology has already been implemented on Wasaline's Aurora Botnia ferry, resulting in a 10 percent decrease in methane emissions. The collaboration between Wartsila and Wasaline aims to create a more sustainable shipping industry. The improved engine not only meets current regulatory standards but also prepares vessels for potential future emission restrictions. With methane emissions being more potent than carbon dioxide, this innovation represents a significant step in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from engines, further supporting the transition to cleaner operations in the shipping sector.

World's first ammonia-powered box ship project aims to launch in 2026

A Norwegian government-backed initiative to construct an ammonia-powered container ship, the Yara Eyde,  will likely be in operation in 2026. Supported by grants from the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment's Enova investment fund, project partners NCL, Yara Clean Ammonia, and Yara International are spearheading this project. The vessel will operate a route between Norway and Europe, serving Oslo, Brevik, Hamburg, and Bremerhaven. Yara Clean Ammonia will supply the ship with carbon-neutral ammonia, contributing to significant emission reductions. Additionally, Yara and Azane Fuel Solutions are collaborating to establish a bunkering network for pure ammonia in Norwegian and Scandinavian ports, which will assist in curbing emissions in the offshore sector. Yara Clean Ammonia and Höegh Autoliners will collaborate for the supply of clean ammonia for a new class of environmentally friendly car carriers to further their commitment to the use of sustainable fuels.

BIMCO update on contracts and clauses

BIMCO's Documentary Committee (DC) recently approved two new clauses and revised versions of existing contracts, aiming to provide enhanced solutions for the shipping industry. One of the new standards, the CII Clause for Voyage Charter Parties, allows vessel owners or masters to adjust course or reduce speed to minimize carbon emission. Another addition, the Ship Sales Further Trading Clause, allows buyers to continue trading a purchased vessel for a specified period. The committee also advanced the revision of WRECKSTAGE 2010, introducing an optional quantitative risk assessment (QRA) method. Similarly, they approved a revised SYNACOMEX, incorporating updated clauses such as anti-corruption, war risk, and sanctions clauses. Additionally, two projects, focusing on Emission Trading Scheme Allowances (ETSA) and Quiet Enjoyment Letters (QELs), were fast-tracked for adoption, addressing industry demands. Lastly, BIMCO is developing an Emission Scheme Surcharge Clause for Voyage Charter Parties, considering the upcoming EU ETS implementation in 2024.

World Ports release guide to implementing Port Community Systems

The World Bank and the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) unveiled the Port Community Systems (PCS) report at its 2023 World Ports Conference in Abu Dhabi. The comprehensive guide took 24 months of collaboration with 88 contributors and aims to aid the successful integration of PCS into existing port ecosystems. The report highlights the benefits of PCS for developing countries and provides a step-by-step implementation strategy. It emphasizes the digital gap, offering practical advice and real-world case studies to facilitate smoother adoption globally. Notably, it delineates the disparities in PCS implementation, with more than 90% of ports in low-and middle-income countries yet to adopt PCS, compared to 80% in high-income nations. The report also delves into the overlap between PCS, maritime single window, and trade single window systems, focusing on achieving interoperability and standardization. Its insights into enhancing communication, cargo visibility, and cost reduction signify its potential impact on global trade efficiency and sustainability.

Global Shipping Business Network and DNV collaborate on verified data sharing

The Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN), a non-profit technology consortium, has partnered with the DNV classification society through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Their collaboration aims to promote decarbonization and the adoption of alternative fuels by enabling the secure sharing of verified data for green claims. According to GSBN's CEO, Bertrand Chen, a reliable data foundation is crucial for achieving widespread shipping decarbonization, and GSBN's network and blockchain infrastructure are well-suited for this purpose. The partnership emphasizes the importance of accurately measuring and tracking emissions reduction data throughout the supply chain, ensuring trustworthy, comparable, and verifiable environmental performance claims. DNV's introduction of Emissions Connect, an emissions data verification engine, marks a significant step in operational data verification. Collaboratively, DNV and GSBN plan to conduct pilots integrating DNV's verified shipment data with GSBN's shipping line members, ultimately delivering reliable and credible green claims supported by detailed data.

Maersk Supply uses Inmarsat API to optimize performance of battery-fitted AHTS

Maersk Supply Service plans to enhance the performance of its AHTS Maersk Minder, its first vessel with a battery system, by using an Inmarsat Maritime solution. The Fleet Data IoT platform enables data collection, synchronization, and visualization, facilitating efficient performance evaluation and optimization of zero-emission energy storage systems across the fleet. The collaboration allows for real-time insights into vessel performance and supports fuel savings and emissions reduction. By leveraging the data obtained, Maersk can meet evolving environmental regulations and cater to client expectations. Automated data flows alleviate manual reporting tasks for seafarers, while enabling accurate NOx emissions reporting for compliance with Norway's NOx tax scheme. The partnership showcases the significance of data processing in driving informed decision-making and advancing decarbonization strategies in the maritime industry.



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2024 Ports Canada Conference - Port Alberni, BC

The Association of Canadian Ports (ACPA) will hold its annual Port Canada Conference in Port Alberni, BC between September 17-19, 2024.  To learn more about this upcoming event, view the video 




Ship of the Week

Berge Bulk, one of the world’s leading dry bulk shipowners launches its wind powered Newcastlemax bulker, with four retrofitted BARTech WindWings by Yara Marine Technologies. The WindWings installation is part of Berge Bulk’s ambition to become carbon neutral by 2025 and marks the Berge Olympus as the world’s most powerful sailing cargo ship.