COS Weekly News - Friday, 9 February 2024

COS Weekly News - Friday, 9 February 2024

‍‍COS Weekly News - Friday, 9 February 2024

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‍Local News

BCMEA - ILWU Local 514 Bargaining Update

Further to the appointment of Conciliation Officers by the Minister of Labour on January 19, 2024, the BC Maritime Employers Association (BCMEA) and International Longshore and Warehouse Union Ship & Dock Foremen (Local 514) resume negotiations this week with the assistance of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services. Pursuant to the Canada Labour Code, the Conciliation Officers have a 60-day mandate from the day of appointment (up to March 19, 2024). Any extension beyond 60 days can only be made by mutual consent of the Parties. At the end of the conciliation period, a 21-day cooling off period begins (up to April 9, 2024).

SIU releases report on harassment in Canadian marine sector

The Seafarers’ International Union of Canada (SIU) have published a report on workplace harassment and bullying within the Canadian marine sector, which indicates that 46% of seafarers have experienced harassment or bullying at some point in their career as a seafarer. The report points to some areas of concern in an industry currently experiencing a shortage of workers to fill available positions on board Canadian-flagged vessels in Canadian waterways. The SIU Canada plans on working with the companies, shipowners, and all levels of government to address the issues brought up in this report. The Union is committed to finding solutions to address these problems and will be working diligently for all Canadian seafarers to help bring an end to harassment and bullying at sea.

Seaspan Shipyards completes prototype for icebreaker build

Seaspan Shipyards has completed construction of the prototype block for the Canadian Coast Guard’s (CCG) Polar Icebreaker program. Construction of this prototype block ensures that Seaspan has the proper processes, procedures, equipment, and skills necessary to build the first heavy Polar Icebreaker in Canada in more than 60 years. The prototype block has been developed to ensure production teams are fully prepared to cut the thicker steel needed for the Polar Icebreaker in late 2024. This steel is twice as thick in some areas as the steel Seaspan has used for the other ships and is more challenging to work with combined with the tight frame spaces to support icebreaking capabilities.

G3 Canada extends partnership with Port Quebec for 30 years

G3 Canada has extended its partnership with the Port of Québec for another 30 years, continuing a relationship that has lasted over half a century. This renewal reinforces Québec City as a key center for agri-food exports in Eastern Canada. G3, known for its rapid growth and specialization in grain trade, benefits from the Port's strategic location, deep water, rail connectivity, and year-round seaway access. This collaboration supports G3's role in importing and exporting grains like corn, soybeans, wheat, and canola, contributing to Québec's food security and facilitating grain shipments globally.

Robert Allan Ltd. invites scholarship applications for 2024

The Robert Allan Memorial Scholarship, established in 1982 in memory of Robert F. Allan and supported by his company and colleagues, invites applications until June 30, 2024. This scholarship supports Canadian citizens or permanent residents pursuing studies in Naval Architecture or Marine Engineering. Eligible applicants must have completed at least two years of a recognized university degree or a technical college course in Naval Architecture, or possess an undergraduate engineering degree and be enrolled in a postgraduate program in Naval Architecture or Marine Engineering. The award, up to $5,000, is dedicated to tuition fees and will be announced in August.

‍Government News

National Summit to Combat Auto Theft

On February 8th the Government of Canada hosted a National Summit on Combatting Auto Theft as rates of auto theft have increased by 50% in Quebec, 48.3% in Ontario, 34.5% in Atlantic Canada, and 18.35% in Alberta in 2022.  Last year Canada Border Services Agency intercepted more than 1,800 stolen vehicles to be exported, a 290% increase in stolen vehicle seizures over the past five years. The Government of Canada has committed to investing $28 million in added CBSA capacity to conduct more investigations and intelligence sharing with partners across Canada and internationally.  This includes exploring detection technology solutions, and exploring the use of advanced analytical tools.

Bill S-16 introduced to recognize Haida Nation's inherent rights

The Haida Nation and the Government of British Columbia, the Government Representative in the Senate, Senator Marc Gold, introduced Bill S-16, An Act respecting the recognition of the Haida Nation and the Council of the Haida Nation. The legislation affirms the Government of Canada’s recognition of the Haida Nation as the holder of the inherent rights of governance and self-determination. The Constitution of the Haida Nation was formally adopted in 2003. It mandates the Council to conduct the external affairs of the Haida Nation and to steward the lands and waters of Haida Gwaii on behalf of the Haida Nation. Once S-16 is passed, the legislation will formally recognize the Council of the Haida Nation as the government of the Haida Nation.

‍US News

Ports of LA/LB offers emissions reduction services

In the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, a bright green barge with a massive 270-foot bendable arm hovering over a container vessel’s smokestack is collecting exhaust like a giant range hood.  Startup STAX Engineering has deployed its pollution-capturing tech at multiple ports for the first time, to service vessels at the Ports of LA, Long Beach and Oakland. The system is powered by renewable diesel and is designed to capture and filter exhaust from container ships and auto carriers, removing 99% of diesel particulate matter and 95% of nitrogen oxide. It then releases pollution-stripped gas that’s a mixture that includes CO2 and water vapour.  So far, the company’s barge in the Ports of LA and Long Beach has treated 44 vessels, with a capacity of servicing 146 ships annually.

‍International News

Evergreen and X-press feeders sign MOA for Green Shipping Corridors

Evergreen Marine Corporation has partnered with X-Press Feeders, signing an agreement to use green methanol-powered vessels within Europe. This collaboration marks a significant move towards sustainable shipping, with Evergreen, one of the world's leading container shippers, supporting the initiative. The new feeder network, powered by green methanol, will initially focus on the Port of Rotterdam, extending to the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia. X-Press Feeders has ordered 14 dual-fuel ships, with deliveries spanning from Q2 2024 to mid-2026, to operate across Europe and the Mediterranean. A contract with OCI Global ensures the supply of ISCC-EU certified green methanol.

Panama Canal transits could benefit from a disappearing El Nino

The National Weather Service predicts the end of El Niño by mid-2024, with a likely shift to La Niña, increasing the chance of alleviating the Panama Canal's drought issues. Despite the current dry conditions limiting transits, the Panama Canal Authority plans to keep 24 daily transits until the end of April. The canal's operations will heavily depend on the expected rainy season in May, which could restore normal transit levels or necessitate further reductions based on rainfall.

Maersk considering DB Schenker acquisition

Maersk's CEO, Vincent Clerc, stated it would be "irresponsible" not to consider acquiring DB Schenker, now on the market by Deutsche Post, emphasizing the need to diversify Maersk’s revenue towards less volatile supply chain segments. With DB Schenker's sale potentially costing up to $20 billion, Maersk sees an opportunity to bolster its logistics division, which saw a revenue decline and lower-than-expected profit in 2023. Clerc highlighted the resilience of DB Schenker's earnings post-COVID-19 and the potential for synergies, similar to the successful integration seen with CMA CGM. He noted that acquiring a global logistics player could rapidly expand Maersk’s logistics capabilities more effectively than organic growth.

IMO outlines strategic priorities in latest agenda

IMO Secretary-General Arsenio Dominguez has outlined the organization's focus on ensuring safer, secure, and environmentally friendly shipping. Priorities include regulating shipping, supporting member states, improving public image, and enhancing stakeholder engagement. Dominguez aims to address seafarer safety, particularly regarding Red Sea attacks, and to advance decarbonization efforts with a goal set for 2050. He is committed to increasing the IMO's transparency, diversity, and inclusion, highlighted by initiatives like livestreaming meetings and ensuring gender-balanced representation in senior management and public events.

‍Upcoming Events


Feb. 14 - Quarterly Pilotage Operations Meeting @ 10:00

Feb. 27 - COS Spill Preparedness and Response Workshop 0900-1200

Feb. 28 - WMCC PACMAR / NANS Meeting @ 10:00

Feb. 29 - WMCC Workforce Recruitment and Retention Committee @ 10:00
Feb. 29 - COS Operations Committee Meeting @ 12:00

Feb. 29 - The Plimsoll Club Pub Night

Mar. 5 - Regional Canadian Marine Advisory Committee Meetings

Mar. 6  COS Board of Directors Meeting @ 12:00

Mar. 14 - COS Annual General Meeting - Save the Date




‍Ship of the Week

09 February - Ane Maersk

The Ane Maersk, a 16,200 TEU vessel, is the first of 18 methanol-powered ships ordered by Maersk. Named after Ane Mærsk Mc-Kinney Uggla, the chair of the AP Moller Foundation and AP Moller Holding, the ship was christened by her granddaughter. Set to serve the AE7 route between Asia and Europe starting in February, the Ane Maersk will run on green methanol, aligning with Maersk's efforts to secure sustainable fuels for 2024-2025. Maersk defines green fuels as those achieving significant GHG emission reductions compared to fossil fuels. The Ane Maersk features a unique design with a front-placed bridge for fuel efficiency.


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