Investigators analyzing Ever Given’s black box

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Osama Rabie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, said an analysis of the ship’s data is underway and should provide crucial details surrounding the grounding. An initial report on the costly accident could be released this week. The Ever Given is docked in a canal holding lake while the investigation takes place. Rabie suggested that failure of the ship’s owners to reach an accord on damages could trigger court proceedings and delay for a year or more release of the cargo – almost 20,000, 20-foot long containers carrying goods valued at more than $3 billion. Lloyd’s of London last week said the incident would likely result in a “large loss” for the commercial insurance and reinsurance market of at least $100 million. The Ever Given was freed six days after wedging itself sideways into a single-lane section of the canal. Around-the-clock dredging, high tides helped by a full moon, and tugs pushing and pulling the ship managed to free the ship from the canal walls. Robert Allan Ltd. Naval Architects and Marine Engineers of North Vancouver designed six of the 14 tugboats that assisted in the effort.

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