ITF Releases Statement on Crew Change Crisis

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ITS has released a new statement reiterating the importance of addressing the crew change crisis. While there has been some positive movement, the progress by many governments to bring in the practical exemptions and protocols needed to support functioning crew changes across the world has been much too slow. There remain hundreds of thousands of seafarers unable to stop working and return home, relieved by fresh crew. While a shortage of international flights is a major factor, the biggest reason remains border and travel restrictions introduced by governments to combat the spread of Covid-19. The ICS has estimated that at least 400,000 seafarers are now affected by the crew change crisis caused by government Covid-19 border and travel restrictions. This includes both those trapped working aboard ships and those waiting to join ships to start receiving wages again for themselves and their families.
The statement comes as more than a dozen countries with crucial global shipping hubs agreed to ease port and border restrictions to help seafarers return home.

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