Japan’s Nagoya Port operations affected by ransomware attack

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The Port of Nagoya in Japan has been targeted in a ransomware attack, causing disruptions in its container loading and unloading operations. Investigations indicate it was carried out by the ransomware group LockBit 3.0, which is based in Russia. The attack disrupted cargo packing procedures and forced the suspension of operations at the container terminal. Although Toyota Motor stated  the attack would not impact the shipment of new cars, it confirmed that imported and exported parts cannot be loaded or unloaded at the port until the issue is resolved.

The port authority has resumed operations as of July 6. This incident is part of a growing trend of cyber attacks on ports worldwide, with previous targets including Portugal’s Port of Lisbon, India’s Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, and three Canadian ports, although operations and data were not significantly affected in the latter case.

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