July 8 – Emerald Ace

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Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. and Miura Co., Ltd. have announced the development of new centrifugal-type microplastic (MP) collection device, which can continuously collect MPs while a vessel is underway, by leveraging their technology and knowledge of an earlier MP collection device they co-developed. The new device was installed on the MOL-operated car carrier Emerald Ace last month for a demonstration test.

The addition of a centrifuge allows the new device to efficiently separate floating microplastics from concentrated seawater with a high density of floating debris, without closed plumbing. Microplastics can be continuously collected while sailing, by connecting the system to the cooling seawater line, which always draws in seawater. This is said to give the system an annual seawater treatment capacity of about 70 times that of the previous device.

Miura is moving ahead with the development of the product, which has a larger treatment capacity, and a full treatment system for ballast discharge water by combining a ballast water treatment system and microplastic collection device and cooling seawater.

The Emerald Ace was built as world’s first newly built hybrid car carrier in 2012, and is equipped with a hybrid electric power supply system that combines a 160kW solar generation system(*) – jointly developed by MHI, Energy Company of Panasonic Group), and MOL – with lithium-ion batteries that can store some 2.2MWh of electricity. Conventional power generation systems use diesel-powered generators to supply onboard electricity while berthed. On the Emerald Ace, electricity is generated by the solar power generation system while the vessel is underway and stored in the lithium-ion batteries. The diesel-powered generator is completely shut down when the ship is in berth, and the batteries provide all the electricity it needs, resulting in zero emissions at the pier.

Capacity: 6,400 vehicles (standard passenger cars)
LOA: 199.99m
Beam: 32.26m
Depth: 34.52m
Draft: 9.725m

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