June 18 – HMCS Corner Brook

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On June 13, the Royal Canadian Navy announced the return of HMCS Corner Brook to duty. Purchased by the Federal Government in 1998 from the U.K., the return signals an end to years of complications, starting in 2011 when the sub ran aground 45 metres below the surface in Nootka Sound. In 2019, close to the end of modernization work being undertaken by Babcock Canada, fire broke out, delaying the completion of her Extended Docking Work Period (EDWP), and then in March 2020, a pressure test on the ballast tanks led to a rupture. Overall, the sub has had 47 separate equipment upgrades, including a new communication mast to allow high-speed and secure satellite communications, and equipment to allow it to fire modernized torpedoes. The Victoria class submarine is 230 feet/11 inches (70.26 m) long and 24 feet/11 inches (7.6 m) wide with a draught of 18 feet/1 inch (5.5 m). She is powered by a diesel-electric system and is capable of a maximum speed of 12 knots on the surface and 20 knots when submerged. The lift barge Seaspan Careen transported her from Esquimalt Graving Dock to Ogden Point for the final stage of the undocking process.

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