Maersk CEO urges phase out of fossil fuelled ships

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In a LinkedIn post Maersk CEO Soren Skou noted the European Commission is proposing to end production of combustion engines in 2035. Skou noted that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) should do the same for fossil fuelled ships with ambitious target and measures to decarbonize shipping. The Maersk CEO further wrote “Combined, a global carbon tax and an end date for fossil fuelled ships would be a strong signal to the shipping ecosystem – including yards and fuel producers – about which way the wind is blowing. We need to accelerate efforts to meet global emission reduction targets” Skou also wrote “A global “drop dead date” would address future newbuilt vessels, complementing the impact on existing ships from the carbon tax. With a phase-in ending at 450USD/t fuel, this tax would address the price gate between fossil fuels as of today and the cargo neutral fuels of tomorrow. As the price gap narrows, the IMO’s Energy Efficiency Design Index in its coming phases could be the instrument to make the end date for fossil fuelled ships a global realty”

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