Mar 24 – Three Gorges Hydrogen Ship No.1

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China’s first service ship powered by a 500-kilowatt hydrogen fuel cell has been put into operation in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, according to China Three Gorges Corporation on Monday.

The service ship, Three Gorges hydrogen ship No.1, uses homegrown hydrogen fuel cells and a lithium battery system and will be used for transportation, patrol and emergency in the Three Gorges reservoir area.

The ship marks a significant breakthrough for China’s new energy shipbuilding, heralding the exploration into applying hydrogen technology to inland vessels.

The vessel’s maximum speed reaches 28 kilometers per hour, and it has a maximum cruise range of 200 kilometers. It also makes less noise and is more cost-efficient compared with traditional oil-fueled ships.

The ship has been certified by the China Classification Society, according to Wang Zhen, director of the system integration office at China State Shipbuilding Corporation.

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