March 26 – Candela P-30

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The all-new foiling Candela P-30 is expected to be the world’s fastest all-electric passenger ship when it arrives on Stockholm’s waterways in 2022 to shuttle passengers to and from the archipelago above the waves without wakes, noise and CO2 emissions. The Swedish tech company Candela will introduce fast all-electric commuter ferries that soar above the waves on foils, quietly and efficiently carrying passengers at speeds up to 30 knots and will the city’s aging fleet of 60 diesel boats. Computer-controlled hydrofoils which reduce energy consumption by 80 percent at 3 kWh per nautical mile, which is one tenth of a conventional ship and comparable to the energy consumption of a modern electric-hybrid bus.  The P-3o will be able to service even the longest routes because it can travel more than three hours at 20 knot cruise speeds before recharging.

Length:  12 meters
Capacity:  30 passengers
Top speed:  30 knots
Service speed:  20-25 knots
Range:  60+ nautical miles at 20 knots (2 hours run time)
Motor:   2 x 60 kW electric pod drives
Battery:  180 kWh lithium ion

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