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HMCS Fredericton is a Halifax-class frigate that has served in the Canadian Forces since 1994. HMCS Fredericton is the eighth ship in her class which is based on the Canadian Patrol Frigate Project. She is the second vessel to carry the name. HMCS Fredericton has been deployed on missions throughout the Atlantic and to the Indian Ocean; specifically the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea on anti-terrorism operations.

This week, the HMCS Fredericton made headlines when one of its helicopters tragically crashed of the coast of Greece. The helicopter had six members the Canadian Armed Forces on board and was carrying out NATO’s Operation Reassurance.

  • Length: 134.2m
  • Beam: 16.5m
  • Launched: June 26, 1993
  • Motto: “Stalker of the Seas”

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