May 19 – MV Swift Arrow

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M/V Swift Arrow is a Totally Enclosed Forestry Carrier (TEFC), specifically designed for carrying forestry products but is also an “open hatch” vessel, so she is suitable for other breakbulk commodities, general cargo, project cargoes, etc. The vessel recently discharged project cargo and steel products at DP World Fraser Surrey Docks in New Westminster and is now loading pulp out of Harmac over on Vancouver Island. In addition, the vessel will call other mill ports and Squamish Terminals to take full cargo of pulp to the Far East.

G2 Ocean is a liner service provider and the Swift Arrow together with her sisters Mozu Arrow and Grouse Arrow are on a regular round voyage between the Far East and West Coast North America (WCNA) carrying mainly steel to North America and pulp to the Far East.

Swift Arrow and her sister ships were designed and built to be specifically compatible with the climate conditions of the Pacific Northwest and mainly Canada, where the head-owners (Gearbulk) have a decades long history of servicing the forestry sector. This is currently continued under G2 Ocean as a JV between Gearbulk and Grieg Star. The TEFCs continue being dedicated to carrying pulp and other forestry products out of Canada and they are highly suitable and valued by our customers and the local industry, including stevedores, ILWU, pilots, tug companies.

Swift Arrow is equipped with 2 gantry cranes, 40MT SWL each. The gantry cranes load and unload through two top-hinged side doors which protect the product from rain during cargo operation. The fully enclosed cargo area is separated into 10 “square shaped” cargo holds with no hatch covers. This gives the vessel required flexibility to increase cargo intake or stow product with dimensions that can exceed the height of the hatch coamings. It also allows for constant and efficient cargo monitoring and care during the voyage, thus enabling minimizing damages. In addition, due to the hygroscopic nature of the forestry products, the absence of hatch covers allows for proper ventilation and avoiding moisture buildup, cargo and hold sweat, etc. For proper cargo care, Swift Arrow has an onboard dehumidifier system with 10,000 m3/hr capacity as well as a fan system with ventilation capacity of 102,000 m3/hr. For better maneuverability, Swift Arrow is equipped with a 2700hp bow thruster.

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