Mercy Ships and MSC recognize 10-year partnership

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This month MSC Group and Mercy Ships are celebrating a unique ten-year partnership focused on bringing hope and healing in Africa.  Mercy Ships is an international charity that uses hospital ships to provide free healthcare services and medical capacity building for poor and underserved communities without easy access to medical facilities, providing lifesaving and life-changing surgeries for thousands.  The MSC Group and MSC Foundation’s success has directly benefited Mercy Ships with increased support and additional resources over the past 10 years. Through the years Mercy Ships has had over 500 containers transported free of charge, including logistical support and inland transportation services by the MSC Group.  In addition, MSC Cruises has provided best practice and ship management expertise to support the Mercy Ships crew. Thanks to this comprehensive end-to-end support, now led and coordinated by the MSC Foundation, Mercy Ships has been able to perform 19,740 surgeries and 218,100 dental procedures during the partnership, while providing medical training for 15,150 participants.

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