MOL Drybulk and Drax launch green shipping initiative

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Renewable energy company Drax Group and Japanese shipping company MOL Drybulk are working together to reduce the emissions and fuel costs associated with shipping biomass by deploying wind power technology on its vessels. The companies plan to facilitate the development of wind-powered vessels to transport bulk cargoes of Drax’s wood pellets to its customers in Japan, where the biomass is used to generate reliable, renewable energy, which displaces fossil fuels. Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the two companies will study the feasibility of deploying a first and second generation Environmentally Friendly Bulk Carrier (EFBC) to carry Drax’s biomass. The MoU with MOL Drybulk follows Drax’s previous work with the Smart Green Shipping Alliance to look at the potential of fitting innovative sail technology on ships transporting biomass from the US to the UK.

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