National Supply Chain Task Force releases final report

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The National Supply Chain Task Force, co-chaired by Louise Yako and Jean Gattuso, released its report with 21 recommended actions following extensive consultations and engagement in Canada and the US. The Final Report focuses on areas of action, collaboration, and transformation as overarching themes to improve Canada’s supply chain. The Report states that to position Canada as a strong competitor in the global market and strengthen our economy, it is imperative that the Government of Canada join forces with industry stakeholders to address the transportation supply chain crisis. This report recommends taking a national approach to doing so, encouraging governments and private sector stakeholders to collaborate in building digital data hubs that will help improve our understanding of the intricate transportation network, which in turn will enhance planning and real-time decision-making. It further recommends that Canada’s regulatory framework be modernized to reflect the future needs of an evolving transportation system.

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